This Month’s Log to hopeful BFP: NOVEMBER

Month: October/November, Cycle 7 TTC #1

About my cycle: Average length: 31 days. Usually Ovulate on day 18-19 and have a 12-13 day Luteal Phase

This month, I ovulated on CD 14: 5 days earlier than last month. I monitor my BBT (basal body temperature) daily at 6:30 am, use OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kits) to check for ovulation, monitor cervical position and cervical mucus, and chart everything on Fertility Friend. I take daily prenatal vitamins, baby asprin, and this cycle I drank 2-3 cups of green tea daily, used robitussin to increase cervical mucus, and visualization exercises as described in the book Making Babies This has been, by far, my most involved month yet.

Symptoms and charting information listed on DPO:

Leading up to O: Sex twice on CD 12, 1X on CD 13, and 1Xon CD 14

CD 15/1 DPO: BBT: 97.6
I have been drinking green tea daily 2X a day, continued this, some breast tenderness, some mild cramping (post O), some EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) cervix still high, soft, but not open. Increased appetite (normal post ovulation)

CD 16/2 DPO: BBT: 97.58
Nipples tender; some residual CM but yesterdays OPK was negative. Strange, fretful dreams. Very tired upon awakening. Lots of sniffly-ness last night. 2 cups of green tea to keep hydration up, going to have some pineapple. Nothing much out of the norm. Not any bad cramping today. Cervix still high, but closed.

CD 17/3DPO: BBT: 98.04
A little on the tired side today. some sniffles. Really sensitive nipples. Wild dreams las tonight– including one where I was stuck in a dinosaur elevator. Woke up in the middle of the night burning up.
Midday temp: 98.8!! — (Note, I start checking midday temp around CD 3 to see where my progesterone levels are going. I normally don’t have temps above 98.5 before CD 9/10Pineapple in pm, green teaX2 I was bloated, had cramps, and really hungry all day.

CD 18/4 DPo: BBT: 98.29
Excited about the temp rise. CM has switched to being creamy, Cervix is in the medium position and soft.
Very intense dreams (again). Woke up pretty warm. Kind of a pulling feeling in uterus but it might be gas and very creamy cm that is in clumps. Afternoon temp 98.89! Crazy sore breasts and nipples by end of the day. Gassy, hungry, skin broken out.

CD 18/ 5 DPO: BBT: 98.1
Some mildly odd dreams. Tired then wide awake then tired. Cramps in am kind of a pinching in front of stomach. Deep tissue pain in breasts– especially on the left. They seem far more firm. They feel bruised. Midday temp 99.2; nagging headache late in the day. Cervix still medium position, still have gassy issues, still bloated.

CD 19/ 6 DPO: BBT: 98.28
Happy to see the temp back up. Pineapple in the morning. Wave of dizzyness with standing. Some interesting,storytime like dreams. I am a big dreamer, though, so this seems normal– nothing really nightmarish. Breasts continue to be very sore, firm feeling. Cramping continues, low and dull in my lower uterus. Creamy CM, cervix back high. Later day temp is 99.2. Some gas and headache later in the day. Had a hard time falling asleep last night.

CD 20/7 DPO: BBT: 97.9
Temp dip– implantation? Or waning levels of progesterone (womp, womp). Tender breasts continue, gassy, headache in the am. Had some vivid, confusing dreams that did include babies. Symptoms for the day: some cramping that was more of a low, dull pressure in the evening and a dull nagging cramp with some “twinges” earlier in the day (hope this was implantation). Felt like my belly was full. Really hungry all day and munched a lot— and I had waves of off and on grumpiness. Creamy cm, headache, very thirsty (especially at night). Went to bed early.

CD 21/8DPO: BBT 98.34
So relieved to see the temp go back up today– felt like that was a positive sign (but then noticed it was in the same range the last month on CD 8) . Cervix is high, soft, and closed. Had some really disturbing dreams about friends going crazy and places where I had an issue counting out change and keeping track of things. Tired in the morning. Biggest symptom of the day: really sore legs in my thighs. I felt like I’d run a marathon! It happened yesterday at the end of the day too, weird because I didn’t wake up with leg pain. Mild dull cramps,mild dull headache. Appetite a lot weaker. Took temp in early evening: 99.17. Toward 9 pm got some dull stabbing pains in my boobs. Weird.

CD 22/9 DPO BBT 98.34
Bummed temp is the same. Cervix back to medium position, soft and closed. CM creamy. Headache in am, sore boobs. Broken out on my chest, which is uncommon. Tissue around nipple of right boob is extremely firm.

CD 23/10 DPO BBT 98.34
Temp the same again. Vivid dreams last night. Cm mildly creamy, kind of sticky. Feel like I may be getting a cold. Boobs really sore!!! Lots of weird stabbing pains. Moody and impatient. Crazy hungry… PMS? Sore and tired all over at end of the day… Thinking about early bed. Some mild cramps in am. Headache in am.

CD 24/11 DPO BBT: 98.42
Temp a little higher. More vivid dreams. Cramping on an off. Incessant Hunger. Feel still like I may be getting a cold– boobs are sore, firm, and I have all these little bumps around my nipples. Really irritable, Feel pms-y. I was super tired and was feeling like AF was coming. Was crazy sleepy so I took a three hour nap before having to go back to work, then came back home and took another nap. Headache, super thirsty. Starting to feel out this month.

CD 25/ 12 DPO: 98.20
Temp dip this am makes me want to cry. I woke up with a terrible headache, super thirsty. Took temp, tylenol, went back to bed. I was feeling pretty low. Checked CP: so high i couldn’t feel it. CM seems kind of watery– makes me think AF is coming, the bitch. Some pinchy like cramps, dull and low. Feeling pretty sad so I take a First Response Early Response (FRER) and I get… a POSITIVE. What the hell? I am in total shock. metallic taste in mouth.

I am going to post my test in a second on another post, but I am also going to keep a log of daily temps so that I have them charted. I probably will test a few more times too… this is a weird feeling, I now feel like I am on the defensive waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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