First Trimester

Morning of triumph

So yesterday was kind of a rough day.

Started out with leaving home to head to work and getting a whiff of cigar smoke that literally made me almost vomit. I spent the next few hours feeling sick, everything just smells so strong that it made me feel ill. Ginger ale and Pringles helped.

From that moment on, my day progresses to being way more stressful than it ought to be. I have a fairly demanding job, which requires a lot out of me physically. I had a day where i had to keep avoiding lifting super heavy things and it was hard to not look like I was being lazy and asking a lot of coworkers. To top it off, these pregnancy hormones make me really bitchy. Like super quick to anger. They also make me very needy and feel extremely like a human personification of a baby kitten. Any little thing makes me feel vulnerable.

To top it off my cramps were bothering me, gas was bad, and I kept thinking that omg this is only at 4 weeks!!! I am The Worst Pregnant Woman in the World.

I got home feeling pretty low. But then I got an email back from a doctor I really wanted to work with for my pregnancy that was a former client and I really hit it off well with, and she is accepting new patients and would love to have me as a client. Reading her words, where she reassured me that I didn’t need to be totally freaking over every detail and that 8 weeks was good to come in and we would to an ultrasound made me feel a million times better.

I went to bed with a happier heart and I woke up only twice to pee, and while my dreams were pretty crazy they were like little personal movies. And that was nice. I woke up this morning and decided I needed to pee on a stick maybe one last time, and this was my result :


And that line is way darker, which was relieving in its own way to know that things are progressing, and that maybe I can aim to worry just a little less today than I did yesterday.

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