First Trimester

Pregnancy Books: Some Reviews

I am obsessed with learning all I can about my pregnancy and baby. It’s usually nighttime reading for me, and I tend to read the same stuff over and over so that I can feel crazy-informed about every little detail ūüôā The problem is: I’m a speed-reader, so I tend to take in all the information really fast and then need a new book to read, because I don’t want to read too far past my development. As a result, this week Amazon has been my BFF and has gotten many orders from my house for baby book reading.

PS: if you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, DO IT NOW. Free shipping, $3.99 to upgrade to overnight, wish lists– it’s great for when I freak out about needing something right now and can get it for 3.99 overnight, shipped (like baby books! Or Calcium pills. Or Perfect Prenatal Vitamins)

Thus far, I can make some pretty strong assessments on the ones that I think are the best.

FIRST PLACE: The Pregnancy Bible, Amazon, $19.77 

I only got this one last night, but I’m already addicted. It’s really informative. Lots of gorgeous graphs and pictures, a week by week guide of what is going on with your body + your baby (with photos!) and some great tips on common ailments, diet, etc. I am already 100 pages in feel way more informed about everything that is going on with me, my baby, and my body.


SECOND PLACE: The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, Amazon, $11.92 (


I like this book a lot. It’s got great images, practical advice, and basically walks you through what is happening in your body right now. It had a good early pregnancy section (a lot of the books i looked at were focused on later pregnancy stuff, which wasn’t really helpful to me now). But I do like this book a lot, and think that it’s a great addition to your pregnancy reading.

I’m pretty sure I’m mostly going to use these in conjunction with the 40+ Weeks organizer, which I got a few days ago and also really like– less about the info, more about the¬†organization¬† this is a great journal to take with you to appointments and to savor sweet moments (like ultrasound photos and the like!)

(Distant) 3rd Place: Your Pregnancy, Week by Week: Amazon, $10.85


I thought this would be a good one because it’s written by doctors. I’m sure it gets better, but the week by week report is kinda brief and not really helpful. It’s kind of low budget on the production value (no color photos, all drawings) and the information is ok but not really interesting to read. I am going to put this one at a third until I get deeper in the subject matter.

I’ve decided based on my bad experiences with the first What to Expect Before You’re Expecting that I am going to avoid the Pregnancy one, because I didn’t care for the writing style. I am sure I’ll want to buy more books– which are you guys finding the most informing or fun to read? What should be on my pregnancy bookshelf?

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