First Trimester

A week since we found out…and how things have changed

It’s been a happy week since we found out we were going to be parents. While I still can’t believe it, I have really settled into the understanding that I’m pregnant. While the world is a ball of paranoia and fear, and everything is a potential catastrophe, I have stopped with the daily tests (I admit that I took one yesterday, at 18 DPO, and beat the control line and thought to myself, ok, now this is crazy!) and I stopped the daily temping every morning.

I have come to realize that “morning sickness” for me looks like it’s going to be more like midmorning to early afternoon sickness- since it’s early still, I wonder if it’s going to get worse. Today was a harder day, with a midmorning nausea and total bone-wracking exhaustion after the hubs and I spent the morning clearing out one of our rooms upstairs so that he could start the process of moving his office upstairs so that we could finish the room that will become the nursery. I was feeling ok until at like 11 o’clock when it all hit me– at 11:30 I went and laid down for a two hour nap that was deep and awesome. When I got up, I was still feeling sick to my stomach and tried a few sips of ginger ale as I sat in a tepid bath. I forced myself to get up and get motivated, and we went to Costco to do some weekly shopping. The samples I think helped, because I realized the sicker I feel seems directly correlative to the emptiness of my stomach. I know I have read that a few times,  but it didn’t really sink in until today when I put the principle into practice.

In general, the big changes have included the fact that I’m almost entirely off caffeine. We got some different tea varieties with great antioxidant properties so I could stop drinking so much Green Tea, which can effect your intake of Folic Acid. I have been sipping on those all day. I bought lots of things with whole grains and tried to really be sure that everything in my fridge and cabinets are healthy things.

My sense of smell seems to becoming more and more acute, and my taste for things keep changing– I am normally a person that loves sweets and fried foods, and now I’m not at all wanting anything to do with that– it’s so fascinating how your tastes and mindsets change almost instantly when you are pregnant. I am constantly amazed by the changes going on physically and emotionally.

Everything else seems to be progressing along in the way they are supposed to. I’m reading my baby books (about to start a diet book in conjunction with my other readings) and still getting some cramping off and on, but now it just feels oddly comforting, like it’s my baby letting me know that they are there and growing. It’s such a cool feeling. 🙂

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