First Trimester

So thankful

This morning, I want to reflect on how thankful I am. I am just so blessed to be celebrating with the most wonderful gift a person could ask for– a sweet baby growing in my belly.

I feel so lucky, because I had wanted and wanted and wished and hoped so hard for this — I had wanted to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas and this special season pregnant because it’s the most special season of the year to me, and I wanted it to be all the more special and beautiful. And the fact that my hopes and wishes came true– that my prayers were answered– is such an incredible blessing. It’s so overwhelming, and I’m filled with such joy and gratitude.

I can’t even complain that I feel like total grossness today– with the worst nausea yet and a lack of desire to eat or cook or do anything for Thanksgiving except for watch the parade– but I’m not at all upset by it! I’m delighted! I love it! I’ll forever remember this Thanksgiving as the first I didn’t focus on the food– I truly focused 100% on the gratitude. Let’s face it– sometimes it’s a 50-50% food/gratitude ratio. This year, for me, in my house– it’s all about thanks giving.

My heart is just so full– full to bursting with love. Love, happiness, and unexplainable joy. It’s the best Thanksgiving ever– and knowing that next year we will (hopefully!) have a sweet little baby celebrating this holiday season with us is all the happier.

Blessings to you all– and may gratitude fill your hearts this Thanksgiving!

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