First Trimester

5 wk 4 days

Yesterday was a hard day. I was crabby, nausea was queen of my life, and I was super exhausted. I tried to get my attitude in check to so our normal day after Thanksgiving stuff— ie Black Friday, but I wore out really fast and needed to take a 2.5 hour nap. I was desperately craving root beer all day and was grouchy for not having it.

Later in the day my nausea and dizziness had subsided a bit and some friends wanted to get together. We are really into bourbon, and so they wanted to go to a liquor store tasting. I obviously wasn’t drinking, so I Tagged along. I didn’t think I was going to mind but actually the whole thing annoyed me— especially when it took an hour and we went to two different places. I was mad and irritated and just wanted to eat something. Thankfully we went somewhere where there was root beer!

The root beer did help, but I found that I guess in the first trimester maybe it’s better to just stay home. Conversation and entertaining feels so hard when it feels like you are swimming through mud and just want to go home and go to bed!

In happier news, I finally found something comfortable to wear: sweater dresses!!! I bought some yesterday to supplement my wardrobe. I swear my waistline is already expanding, and I am not sure if its just due to bloat or what, or bloat and constipation… Gross right? No one said pregnancy was glamorous!

In other symptom news, I had a lot of off and on cramping yesterday, but no spotting. Otherwise I have the nausea off and on (on right now, ha!) and the biggest thing is that I am crazy exhausted all the time. I want to sleep constantly. And when I sleep I have really, really crazy dreams. Since i get up like 6 times to pee it’s various dreams without real beginnings or ends…

Overall, though, I’m super glad to be feeling crappy. That’s a good sign and I’m glad to know my sweet one is growing along on schedule!

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