First Trimester

Oh joy. I’m sick. No, really sick

Last night I was sitting on the couch and realized I was getting a sore throat. I thought to myself, maybe this is just from the temp change (it went from 60 to 40 overnight) and the stress of Black Friday and just stress in general. Maybe it’s from a spicy food I don’t remember eating.

All last night as I got up to pee, I noticed it was getting more and more sore. And now, this afternoon, I’m facing the conclusion that I’m getting a cold. I have all day nausea, dizziness, and now… A cold. It’s like winning the jackpot of life!

Last night I had the most insane dream that involved time travel via a small refrigerator and Ice cream. It had been some kind of zombie apocolypse and the only way to survive was via time travel to the future. The dream was super bizarre and I would tell you more but honestly, you may think I am crazy (or crazier) so I will avoid over sharing. My husband thinks i should turn it into a short story.

We spent the morning on the couch, watching movies (me crying over movies) as I attempted to convince my husband I couldn’t be getting sick, that was just too cruel. He made me hot tea and a warm bath. He is the greatest ever. He also got me some root beer. That’s a testimony to true love.

Well, I guess all I can do is take it easy, stay hydrated, and let my husband pamper me. I hope this a mild sickness and not something more serious… I had meant to go get a flu shot last week but got paranoid about flu shot side effects. I think it’s just a cold though… That’s a plus at least!

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