First Trimester

Healthy. Snacks.

Let me tell you what I think about healthy snacks. I think they are gross. I kinda think all food in general is gross, but healthy snacks are high up on my hate meter. Why is it that every pregnancy book and app and website tells you that you should be eating healthy stuff but don’t tell you the truth about those healthy items. Take for instance beans. High up there on the pregnancy healthy food totem pole. Well… Every time I put a bean in my mouth I regret it. A lot. I’m already so gassy and bloated and gross, in general, and I eat a bean and its painful and terrible and pretty much traumatic for me. Same thing goes for healthy broccoli and healthy other greens.

What’s more, I don’t feel like eating anything other than stuff like potatoes and macaroni and cheese and things that are spicy. These items give me an all too brief reprieve from nausea, and that makes them trump healthy.

I am trying to be healthy for the sake of my sweet one, believe me I am, but all the healthy stuff seems like such an epic bad idea when all I want is something fried and spicy with a side of French fried potatoes. And root beer, of course… My one true love root beer.

I am sure that being sick only amplifies my pregnant woman irritation and general grouchyness, and I guess I’m glad I’m not wanting to only eat chocolate sauce and Ice cream, and I suppose I ought to be super thankful I’m not craving things I can’t have (like a Twinkie! Or a hostess cupcake…) but I still potentially feel like a bad mother since I’m not being healthy at all really, other than drinking lots of water and taking lots of vitamins.

My husband thinks the stuff you eat while pregnant will be the stuff you want all thru life that are your sweet spots, food wise. I can’t argue because my mom ate Mexican and Chinese and those are my favorites (well, my non pregnant faves, because they do nothing for me now). At this rate the kid is going to love hot chicken and root beer.

I really need to go get some root beer. Clearly.

One thought on “Healthy. Snacks.

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much you are not alone and eating a few not so great foods doesn’t make you a bad mom in any way. Almost every pregnant woman ive ever known including myself needs some junk food in the first trimester especially! as long as those things are not all you are eating 24/7 the baby will be great. I have one friend that the only thing that didn’t make her sick was buffalo wild wings and she ate it alot! her 2 yr old is happy and healthy haha Its very difficult some times so find something to eat that doesn’t make you feel sick in the first trimester but (for me at least) the second and 3rd trimesters were MUCH easier to eat healthy in. So you have plenty of time to catch up on your fruits and veggies 😉 I don’t think it effects your kids taste… who knows… but my first son came out with my husbands taste buds I swear! He LOVES lemons hot salsa and olives among other things that I hate pregnant or not and my husband loves. good luck! and go pour yourself a root beer! haha 😉

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