First Trimester

6 Weeks + Sick with a Cold

I’m 6 weeks pregnant today, yay! I am exceptionally happy over this news, because it means my baby is really a month old. My sweet one is growing– and tomorrow or so I’ll chronicle all the 6 week growth facts.

That sore throat I started to feel nag at me on Saturday night and manifested into a full blown ache decided to turn into a full blown cold last night at around 11:30 or so, when I awoke from a dream that I was drowning. I actually think I was an alien person drowning, but I can’t really remember. I was actually drowning in mucous, as the tell-tale congestion and gross had happened to me, and the rest of the night I spent blowing my nose and attempting to find a comfortable position to lie/sit in that I could breathe.

Now, I am sitting on the couch, clearly blogging this, feeling like crap. I was supposed to go back to work after the holiday today, and I honestly know I just can’t do it— I feel far too crummy for words. Normally when sick I reach for the magic that is alka-seltzer cold and flu (it’s magic, y’all!) but I know I can’t take anything like that. I can take tylenol. And Netti pot. And have hot Tea. So I went on the internet to see what I can take, and let me tell you– there’s tons of conflicting information. The only thing I can find that is ok for sure is the tylenol.  I put in a call to my OB’s office and the recommendation is that until I’m 12 weeks, I should try to avoid taking anything other than tylenol and I can take a few benadryl to help take a nap– but nothing else. It’s because most of the drugs that are out there for colds and flu aren’t tested on pregnant women– and the general idea seems to be “better safe (even if you are miserable) than sorry.

I’ve got my netti pot, hot tea, have a pot of hot soup bubbling on the stove (and am trying to convince myself that yes, I really do want to eat these things, despite my nausea). To save you some time and energy if you happen in the same situation, here’s some resources I uncovered while googling what to do for a cold while pregnant before my doctor’s office gave me a call back. Of course, always check with your doctors office– I spoke with several women on my message boards that were in offices that recommended certain cold and sinus medicines, mine just did not at this stage in my pregnancy. Everyone is different!

From What to Expect: Colds and Flu During Pregnancy 

Urban Mamas: Lots of good tips here

Baby Zone: Some things you can do at home to make yourself feel better (with pictures) 

Well, I’m going to go drink some hot tea and have some soup I made, and hope that I’ll feel loads better tomorrow. I don’t think it can get worse! And if you have any tips for battling a cold while pregnant– please comment and share. I’ll try anything (other than OTC cold medicine)

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