First Trimester

This is your body. This is your body on HCG

Well, the cold is getting better, and with my recovery from that seemed to amp up an new wave of intense pregnancy symptoms. My nausea elevated to new and dizzying heights, and is making me feel pretty gross pretty much constantly. I’ve been crazy emotional (the tear kind, not the yelling kind— thankfully) and I’m super exhausted. As I type I’m sipping a lovely ginger ale.

I had a nightmare last night that the husband and I stayed at a gross hotel that made you clean your own room and charged 300 a night, and everyone there had bags and boxes of miscellaneous foodstuffs, including raw and rotten meat. We couldn’t ride the elevator to our fourth floor room because it was backed up with this insane line of people taking canned goods and whatnot to their room. We opted for the stairs and when we got to our nasty room for some reason decided to have sex, and all the sudden I started bleeding and I woke up in a panic that I was having a miscarriage. I wasn’t bleeding upon awakening, thank goodness. I’m super paranoid about having sex though. I know there is no reason to be, that chances are it will be fine, but I have read so much on the scary Internet about sex leading to spotting leading to miscarriage in the first trimester. I wish I could stop being so scared… It’s killing my poor husband, and it doesn’t help that I am not in the mood at all!

The other interesting finding I had yesterday that was despite the fact that I long for spicy foods (and have always been very spice tolerant) apparently that, too, has changed. I got downright sick over hot chicken last night. It’s very depressing for me, as hot chicken is such a mainstay of my life


That, friends,is hot chicken. And while I know I ought to not eat spicy stuff and fried stuff, tell that to my hormones and crazy pregnant cravings. Yesterday, I thought I may die over an intense need to have a hot cocoa. I got one and it was delicious and beautiful— witness


I suppose that now I’m just living to get to the point of the day where I don’t feel like I am on a very rocky boat in the middle of the ocean.

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