First Trimester

Morning Sickness. It sucks.

I am way better from my cold, and while still hacking and sniffling and whatnot, I am totally in the throes of all day, everyday Morning Sickness. It should just be called “The Sickness” instead of given a time of day. I don’t wake up with the sickness– it starts about 20 minutes after I get up (but since this window has gotten shorter and shorter pretty much by the day, I am sure that soon will be upon awakening)– and then lasts until the evening, when I get a brief reprieve some nights.

A few days ago, I was feeling pretty desperate and went to Walgreens to get the product called “Sea Bands” that I had read so much about. These bracelet things ran $15 USD, and they do work to an extent. How they work: they place pressure on a pressure point in your wrist that reduces the feelings of nausea:


Seaband2 <– Here’s the general idea, and I suppose you can tell if they may work for you by pushing on your pressure points prior to buying and see if you get any relief.

For me, it cuts the nausea somewhat– I thought maybe in half the first day, but really I think it’s maybe 25%, because I still feel really sick, and my stomach is still churning, and I will still throw up, but it just makes you feel less like you are on a boat in a very wavy ocean.

Here’s what I do to help it somewhat:

1. I drink a lot of water. I am thirsty all the time, so this isn’t a difficult goal to accomplish. The rule of thumb “Eight 8-ounce glasses per day (64 fluid ounces) of fluid, plus one 8-ounce cup for each hour of light activity. Milk, juice, decaffeinated drinks, and caffeinated drinks all contain plenty of water and “count” toward your fluid intake.”

2. Ginger ale helps. Get a ginger ale with real ginger though (like Canada Dry or some all natural or organic sodas, like Hansen’s)

3. Crackers. They do help some, I guess. They just happen to be the blandest thing in the house.

4. Small Meals/eating. I get about a 15 minute window of no nausea after eating something. And then it comes back and I feel really crappy, but at least the 15 minutes of feeling better is…well, feeling better. I haven’t noticed that one thing or the other makes me feel any better. You read lots of things like “oh, protein snacks make you feel better!” or “carby snacks will make you feel better” or “sucking on lemons make you feel better” and I honestly think that it’s just that some things make some people feel better, and there are no quick or easy fixes, and you just have to keep shoving random items in your mouth to see if they make you feel better.

5. Cravings are a good thing. Good in that they make you want to eat something — and that in itself is good. You can find lots of theories on why you crave certain things during pregnancy, but I am not sure how legit any of those things are, and most will agree that just because you crave something, doesn’t mean you are deficient in anything. I am craving Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken right now, a craving I am pretty sure is neither healthy nor indicative of some kind of deep-seated nutritional need. I think I just am wanting Fettucine Alfredo. With Chicken.

5a. Your signifigant other, unless also pregnant, will not understand these cravings, and will make suggestions like “Well, if you can make some fettucine Afredo at home, go for it. The number one thing with cravings– I do not want to make it myself. I do not want to smell the food cooking in my home. That is disgusting and gross, and will end the craving entirely for me. Cravings are for things from the outside world that magically appear and do not have any kind of associative cooking smells. I am working on trying to make sense of that to my husband, but he does not understand at all.

6. Vinegar is amazing. No, really, amazing. Vinegar items make me feel really good and taste magically delicious. There’s something special about vinegar (which explains the pregnant woman’s desire for pickles, I suppose). My husband suggested I make some noodles and add some vinegar to them to satisfy my need for noodles and vinegar, but I explained that would not work. Ok, so I felt like crying when I was explaining that to him, because it’s just so frustrating not having good reasons that these seemingly logical solutions make sense– they just don’t make sense.

7. Club soda = awesome. I have read a lot saying to avoid carbonated drinks as it can make things worse, but for me, club soda with lime is my go-to magic drink that makes me feel better. It make exacerbate my gassiness some, but I think it’s better to be gassy than nauseous right now.

So far, that is all I have in my vast knowledge of morning sickness and its associative remedies, but I hope I find out more as the weeks go on– because if there is some magical cure, believe me, you guys will be the first to know!


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