First Trimester

Tear Town (Probably Volume 1)

Today I have cried about 7 times, all over various things that have brought me instantly and completely to the emotional breaking point. It’s rather strange– because  while I’d describe myself as an emotional person, I wouldn’t have described myself as a person that was quick to the tears. Enter pregnancy, and hello, pretty much everything makes me cry.

Stories of human triumph. Stories of sadness. Stories of grief and recovery. I went to the mail and got a holiday card from my husband’s grandmother and her spindly handwriting make me burst into tears. She’s been having a tough time lately and seeing that handwriting — well, it just did it.  Earlier today (and last night actually, I cried over this one TWICE) the Cerebral Palsy Wrestler — which, oh my goodness, if that doesn’t bring you to tears,,,well, you’re not even breathing. And I cried over reading a sad story about a girl with an etopic pregnancy, and then…well, the real sobs started when I read this post  and I just couldn’t stop crying. I still want to write that guy a response, but every time I try to write something– sobbery begins.

I am thinking it’s a wise idea to not leave my house for the rest of the evening, lest someone tell a touching tale and I go and lose it in public. I was supposed to go to a Christmas pot luck but I have been feeling really sick on top of the total emo train I’m riding on, and i think it may be best to curl on the couch with my fuzzy babies and watch something comedy related. Maybe that will make it so I do not cry. Highly unlikely.


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