First Trimester

8 Weeks, 1 Day!

After seeing our sweet little baby bean yesterday, which we are affectionately calling a blueberry despite it’s kidney bean/Raspberry status this week– I needed to share the deets about our 8 week old bundle of joy, as well as how I am doing as I progress along this journey. I have definitely been wanting to post more– but exhaustion and a fear of just repeating the same old stuff every day (I am paranoid! I am fearful of xxx, I am sick to my stomach and want to whine about it) — I thought it best to save up for the important stuff, like our milestones of development and the posts I am working on on both testing + the flu shot.

I love sharing our development info with you because it gives me a chance to also read about every little detail for our sweet little baby!

8 week fetus 8-weeks-pregnant-fetus

I’m 8 weeks pregnant and our baby is 6 weeks old! Webbed fingers and toes emerge from the hand and feet stumps sprouted over the past two weeks, and our baby is now actively moving around– even though I can’t feel it yet. Eyelids, ears, upper lips and the tip of the nose are forming– and the heart is beating 150 + beats per minute (ours is right on target at 156!) The lungs continue to develop and breathing tubes are there– and the tail is very nearly gone. Per Babycenter, “In his brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another, forming primitive neural pathways.” The heart has separated into 4 chambers  Crazy enough, our baby is growing a millimeter a day– and over the past two weeks our sweet one has quadrupled in size! The little baby teeth buds are starting to form, too.  And one last important formation– the cells that will either become the baby’s uterus or testes are forming this week!

Within my body, my uterus has grown to the size of a softball– and my waistline is getting bigger– making me doubly uncomfortable in all of my clothes. I’ve been bloated since day one, and near daily constipation doesn’t help– so I am opting to switch into pajamas the moment I walk through the door to home.  My breasts are way larger but far less sore this week– but my nausea has kicked it up to a brand new dizzying height, and I feel pretty sick most of the day– which makes working and being productive nearly impossible. All I really want to do is read about the baby and sleep. I am pretty much exhausted constantly, regardless of activity level or physical exertion.

My cravings continue to develop and change. The past few days I’ve been mad about Lemonade. Lemonade is the most magical thing I have ever had and put into my mouth, and helps to reduce my nausea a lot. I have been wanting sweet munchy things, like sugar cookies, but the husband talked me out of buying them the other day. He did let me get blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese, so clearly he loves me. Other than that, my cravings seem more like whims than concrete desires for things. I mostly want to eat crappy food that is bad for me, even though I really want to be eating things like leafy green salads. I just have absolutely no desire for those things.

Mood wise: well, my moodiness, emotional-ness, crying at the drop of a hatness– continues.

In other random but exciting news– 30 days ago I found out I was pregnant. My, how time flies!


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