First Trimester

First prenatal appointment

Today, we had our first OB appointment! I was so nervous about this that I have been literally petrified for days. That, coupled with a straight from hell week last week resulted in few posts (I figured I would save you all from fear laden entries about being totally paranoid).

First off, we got to the doctors office and I was a ball of nerves. I had written down a barrage of questions for my new doctor— and I’m so lucky that I know my doctor, as she is a former client of mine— but I still had a million and ten questions. She answered most of them before I had a chance to ask them, which seemed like a very good thing to me and made me feel far more comfortable. We talked about history and tests— we opted to do the Ultrascreen and the Cystic Fibrosis screening. Ill write a separate post on testing and more of what I Learned there, and we also discussed the flu shot ( I got one— I had been debating it but I think it was the best decision… A full post on that to come too, because there is a lot of information on the Internet about it and It is a challenge to make an informed decision).

After a physical exam and all my blood being drawn, I got an rx for Zofran (yes!!) and headed to the waiting room to be called for my ultrasound. Since my doctors office uses the last period to date, my date was 7 weeks 5days—giving a due date of 7/26 instead of my dating which I had 7 weeks 6 days, but close enough.

Because of how early I am, we got a transvaginal ultrasound. I was pretty nervous about it (my husband had to remind me to breathe)…. And the tech (who was very nice– an apparent anomaly in the ultrasound world) told us it would be a few minutes while she measured my uterus and everything. The wait was intense. Then she said, “I see the baby’s heartbeat” and told us it was at 156 Bpm. I was so happy— and a few minutes later she turned the screen and we got to see our little blueberry— with a flickering heartbeat. We both cried from the joy of that perfect moment.

I can’t fully explain that moment— it just made being pregnant all the more real. I have a little baby growing inside of me! With a heartbeat! We are parents of a tiny human. I didn’t think I could love our little sweet one any more, but oh no… I was wrong.

We measured at 8 weeks on the nose. That means I was off a day but I honestly had thought I had ovulated a day earlier… But they are setting my due date to 7/24— just one day off 🙂

And now… A sweet photo


3 thoughts on “First prenatal appointment

  1. so glad it went great for you! first ultrasound is an amazing moment 🙂 and just wait you can love it even more still! next ultrasound it should look like a baby and be bouncing around, its pretty intense! hope the rx helps and you feel better

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