First Trimester

9 weeks Update

Our sweet one is now the size of an olive and is growing like crazy.  Our little baby is officially a fetus, and looks like a tiny human! Check it out!



Our baby’s size is nearly an inch long, and is the size of a grape or a medium green olive (we’re calling it out little olive this week 🙂 All the essential body parts are there, and the heart is divided into 4 chambers. Tiny little teeth buds are starting to form, tiny toes and fingers are there, and the embryonic tail is now gone. All of our little sweetie’s organs, muscles and nerves are starting to develop and grow. The eyelids are fully formed (but fused shut until 27 weeks) and the tiny earlobes are there, along with a more distinct mouth, nose, and nostrils (Babycenter)

My body has been hard at work growing the placenta (maybe that’s why I’m so tired!) and the placenta is now capable of taking over hormone production, taking over the role of my corpus luteum, which will likely wither and dissolve (though some exist all of pregnancy). Now that everything is in place, our little baby is ready to grow like crazy–



It’s so cool to know that our sweet baby can now move it’s shoulders and legs, it has touch pads developing on the fingers, and the genitalia are formed (though not enough to see an on ultrasound). Our baby starts urinating this week, and because of fluid in the inner ears has a sense of balance– which is good, considering he/she is doing a lot of bopping around in the uterus! Our baby’s tongue is starting to develop this week, which is the first thing that really has lots of touch/nerve sensors, and soon our baby will be putting everything in his/her mouth (like a thumb!) to experience what a thumb in the mouth feels like– and that’s so super cool to me.

For me, I am pretty emotional and tend to veer off on crazy mood swings daily, have been super tired, and my morning sickness has been really intense– so much of the same :D.


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