First Trimester

10 Week Update!

This week marks 10! Hard to imagine that a little over two months ago this entire journey started for us to being parents! I still can’t believe it. We kicked off our tenth week sharing the news with closest family and friends. We’re not going totally public until 12 weeks, but have started to slowly share and it’s really exciting. At first I was super nervous about it (in fact, I think the first time I said it at a Christmas gathering it all came out like I was angry or something, but I think it was nerves). Everyone has been insanely happy for us and it just makes things all the better!

Our little baby is now the size of a prune, and looks pretty much like a tiny human! Now 1 1/2 inches long, growth is pretty rapid for our sweet one!



The developmental highlights:

– What will become the knees and elbows have tiny indentations, and cartilage is beginning to form. Baby can flex his or her elbows and knees.
– Tiny baby teeth buds (20) are starting to form
– The stomach and kidneys are starting to function, producing stomach acid and urine
– If it’s a little boy, he’s starting to produce testosterone
– The yolk sac is starting to disappear as the liver starts taking over
– Little tiny nails are forming on the fingers and toes
– Our baby can swallow fluid now, and hair is starting to grow
– Brain growth and development is huge this week, with over 250 thousand neurons produced every minute (how crazy is that!)

In the me update– nausea continues, but the exhaustion is the real culprit for life. Luckily it has been the holidays and I’ve had time to lie about and relax and try to just focus on me and baby. My mood swings continue, cravings continue, and I continue to be thankful for the most patient and loving husband ever. Yesterday I was on the couch most of the day with a migraine, and daily headaches seem to be the norm. It seems like any day that I go out and be productive, the next day I feel like a train has hit me full on at full speed. I’m taking it one day at a time though, and excited that the first trimester will be over in three short weeks– and hopefully I’ll get to feeling better by then.


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