12 Week Scan photo + Update

I had to jump on here and share the photo before I could write up the experience!



Isn’t that the sweetest baby you have ever seen? Don’t lie, it’s ok, you know it is!

So I have been basically absent– life has been hard with pregnancy, and if I didn’t love my chiclet so much I’d probably not be a fan. Thus far I am not a woman that “loves” being pregnant. Pregnancy has been hard, and while I’d not trade it… yeah. And I figured that if I wrote one more whiny post about being miserable then you would stop reading my blog. So, i look last week off.

This morning, we had our Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan. This is a combined ultrasound and blood test that is a screening for Downs, Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, and Neural Tube Defects. The ultrasound portion looks for any kind of issues– they look at the neck to see how thick it is, the formation of the nasal bone, and the length of the arms and legs. They also take a finger prick to check your blood for some other markers that tie in. The test is 91% accurate with a 5% false positive rate. We opted to take the test for two reasons: one, an ultrasound! Yay. Two, an opportunity to become more informed if we had a special needs child. Aborting our baby (unless for very severe health defects that would make life unviable) is not an option for us.

We arrive for our screen and get welcomed back and the baby is lying on his/her stomach and is cute as can be. I think they were having hiccups because he/she was super squirmy and would literally spasm at odd moments, sooo cute. Baby measured at 13 weeks, 1 day (a full week ahead of schedule!). But despite being poked and prodded, baby did not want to roll over on his or her back— wanted to stick to lying on his/her belly and basically be lazy. She did some bumping with the ultrasound wand but nope—baby was being stubborn. So we got to look at lots of baby, and then I had to try all manner of things to get baby to move, from lots of coughing to rolling to one side– and eventually we got baby to face us, which is the photo you now see above 🙂

All of our measurements were normal, and we should have the blood results next week. Baby did lots of bouncing around and being just plain adorable, and we got to see both arms moving, legs moving, and some hiccup moments. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. It made feeling crappy all the more worth it–seeing that sweet baby and knowing that it’s ours!!


One thought on “12 Week Scan photo + Update

  1. Hi, if u already had the baby , can I ask what gender is the baby , cos I am 12 weeks now nd have similar scan picture …

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