First Trimester

12 Weeks: Almost out of the 1st Trimester

Woohoo, only 1 week til I am out of the First Trimester. I am really excited about this, because a) less miscarriage worries, woohoo!! and b) I am hoping the pain and misery of the first trimester are going to go away some and I will start to feel better.

Our little blueberry is now now the size of a plum or a tiny lime, depending on where you look. Either way, our sweet one is growing! A lot! And believe me, I know– because in between spurts of nausea I am ravenously hungry, which is a really odd combination. The biggest thing developmentally is Reflexes: and we saw our baby reacting to poking and prodding in the womb (even if he/she didn’t really want to be bothered, he/she did react to being poked at, and i swear they swim away whenever I try to listen to the heartbeat on the doppler, as though to say “stop poking me, mom!!”)

According to What to Expect, all the major organ systems are in place (the intestines are still coming in from the umbilical cord). The bone marrow is making white blood cells, and baby’s digestive system is starting to form, and the pituitary gland is making male or female hormones.

baby 12 weeks

Baby really looks like a baby now, am I right? We noticed in our ultrasound that our wee one was already making sucking movements with their little mouth and sticking fingers in there, which was really cool to see.

For our milestones, we are getting ready to share the news with all our non-immediate family/friends. My husband is telling his coworkers on Monday, and then I think we will make it Facebook Official. though I wish we had some cute way to do it other than a boring way, but I’ve been so tired and uncreative lately it’s kinda sad. But I am going to brainstorm over the weekend, and hopefully we will come up with something genius.



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