Second Trimester

Week 14: Maternity Clothes, Hormones, Announcing.

14 weeks! Second trimester! Woo-hoo. I thought that this special season would enter with fanfare and glitter confetti raining down on me in triumph  Instead, it just kind of rolled around and there wasn’t any change in my general demeanor or physical aptitude. This week did, however, bring with it many pregnancy milestones.

At our 14 week appointment, we found out our NT scan (Nuchal Translucency Scan) Results were good, and put us in the low risk category for downs and other trisomys, so we can start to relax. Doctor let us listen to our little cake’s heartbeat, and it was sweeter at the doctor’s office, I swear. Measuring in the 150s…this kid has a kickin’ ticker.  She told me I should hope to be feeling better in the next few weeks, so my fingers are pretty tightly crossed.

We announced, which I shared here on the blog and we had a great response from friends and loved ones, and I am happy that the news went over so well. I was kinda nervous pre announcing, as though doing it made pregnancy all the more real 🙂 I now have to tell my two brides that are immediately following my maternity leave (a sad and short month, because we gotta get back to work– come on, baby cake, come EARLY won’t you!?). I already emailed one to share the news, and I feel confident because I have a good plan in place. I of course am nervous of the unknown, but I think it’s going to be ok. The biggest adjustment will be how we operate when we have a little one in the house, and I have time to prepare for that.

Over the past 2 weeks, my bump has decided to “bump” and now officially none of my clothes fit. Even with the good ol’ elastic band on the pant button trick, I was uncomfortable in my own clothes. I wanted freedom. And comfort. We went over to Macy’s to their maternity section and discovered that they were having a great sale. I grabbed a few things off the rack and went to try them on, and oh, oh my goodness… maternity pants = a little slice of heaven. Seriously. Maternity pants are the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe even better than that, because there’s nothing in the world more comfortable. I am now the proud owner of maternity jeans, cords and one pair of dress pants, a few cute tops, one cute sweater, and a little shrug. High on my success I ordered a few pieces from Old Navy to supplement ( a few more sweaters because it’s been cold, and a maternity pea coat because I can already start to feel my coat getting snug). I am hoping i can find the spring/summer clothes on consignment or via Craigslist, and a friend of mine that just had a baby this past November is graciously letting me paw through some of her Maternity faves, so that’s another plus. I swear I kinda look 6 months pregnant.

Annd I think that with the second trimester has brought a new wave of hormones, and these seem a lot more teary in nature 😀 This is definitely an improvement from my bitchiness. However, yesterday I wanted to have a few breakdowns related to feeling like pregnancy was so hard, and I was so tired, and all i wanted to do was lie down and nap. We had a shoot yesterday and a lot of work and effort went into it, including a good 7 hours on my feet, and that was really hard for me. I came home exhausted and had to lie down and didn’t move for the rest of the night, and then I didn’t really want to get out of bed– I’m still fighting the fatigue and looking forward to a tea at lunch to help with a smidgen of caffeine to make me feel more alive.

For babe updates:

– We have facial expressions, including thumb sucking!
– baby is producing urine now
– Little cake’s body is elongating (3 1/2 inches now, the size of a lemon) and body growth is now growing more than the sweet one’s head. By now, the arms are in proportion to the length of the body– and the legs will soon be catching up
– The sweet body has a covering of hair, and the liver starts making bile

baby at 14 weeks


That’s all for this post 🙂 I’ll try to get a bump progression on here soon 😀

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