Second Trimester

I think I felt the baby move (squee)!

Today has been a horrendous day. I’ve thrown up about 12 times and generally feel like total and utter crap. I was lying on the bathroom floor this morning, moaning a little in agony, when I felt this strange little flip-flop in my stomach. It was low, and felt like one of those goldfish that you get at the fair that flop around in a bag. If that feeling could be in your stomach, that was the feeling that I felt in my stomach.

I thought it was gas or something and ignored it. And then it happened again. And about 15 minutes later– again!

It’s not gas or indigestion. I felt it again later on this afternoon when I was moaning around on the couch, thinking about what a loser pregnant lady I was (I have good days and bad days of both  feeling physically and mentally well– today was a bad on both counts day). I have an anterior placenta, and so the OB told me it may be awhile before I got any good movements, but I think that I actually really did feel baby today. And that was pretty neat.

I am going to hold off on saying it for sure until I feel it a few more times and can say with authority that it was indeed the “quickening.” I checked bebe’s heartbeat and it was a strong 155, and is sounding more and more heartbeat-esque every time I check it (I’m not totally obsessive– just like every 5 days or so).

Moments like these make up for the really crap moments, you know what I mean?

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