Second Trimester

19 Weeks: Updates, 4 days to gender scan, yay!

We’re at 19 weeks today! Bebe has been kicking pretty regularly (sweet little feelings) and I had a rough nausea week last week with nausea and vomiting. But, I’m not gonna complain about those things. I’ve started drinking 100 + oz of water a day, which seems to be helping a lot in addition to my medicines and vitamins, so I hope we are turning a corner here on the whole “endless sickness” that morning sickness is 🙂

In 4 happy days we get our Anatomy + Gender Scan, and i honestly couldn’t be more excited/nervous/apprehensive/slightly scared. I’m excited to see our little baby and how much he/she has grown since 12 weeks (judging by how these kicks get stronger EVERY day, my guess is that he/she has grown quite a lot!), and I can’t wait to FINALLY know if it’s a boy or a girl. I officially am feeling like it’s a girl, and subconsciously refer to the baby as such, despite months of not wanting to think one way or the other, and husband agrees. In fact, most people who offer their opinions think it’s a girl. I had a shop neighbor feel my stomach and tell me she thought it was a girl yesterday. All the girl speculation has made me really want it to be a girl all the more, and I’m nervous I’ll experience the dreaded Gender Disappointment if our bebe ends up being a he instead of a she. I guess the stakes feel really high to me since this is our one and only– and we don’t really have a second chance to maybe have a matched boy/girl set (not that it really works that way, I know). And I guess I’m really selfish to want a girl, but I feel like I’d be such better equipped to be  a girl mom. I’m such a girlie girl. I know that I’ll do just fine and be totally in love and overjoyed either way– so I am trying to keep that in mind.

Apprehension and Fear comes from the scan itself. We have a blood screen too, so I am just hoping that everything will be ok on that scan and that there will be no problems. Of course you worry before one of these scans. It’s so detailed, and while we didn’t get any markers for issues with neural tube defects, I still worry. Oh, worrying. The number one emotion of Pregnancy.

In sweet news, we have both started talking to baby, since everything I read tells me that he/she can hear us now, so we talk to bebe a lot. It’s fun. I have no idea how much that they can hear, but my husband gets really close and talks in this funny voice, and I keep telling him our kid is going to come out looking to hear that weird voice and it will not exist, so he better start acting right.

My bump is growing bigger, kicks are growing stronger, and I’m 4 days away from the halfway point! Can’t believe how fast things are going all the sudden– it’s like we kicked into hyperdrive all the sudden!


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