Second Trimester

Gender Scan! It’s a…

Baby Princess!


little lady crownOk yes, I admit the crown is mega cheesy, but c’mon. She’s a darling little princess ❤

Our anatomy scan went a little like this: first off, I didn’t have to drink a crapton of water, which was good, because I would have peed all over the place. I had a terrible night’s sleep and I was kind of sore, and I think my anxiety level was super high. To start out with, she said that baby was breech, and her feet were down in my left side (I told the U/S tech this was bebe’s preferred location– it’s where she likes to chill). Anyway, so the ultrasound started and we looked at her skull (which looked great, perfectly round) and we looked at her eyes (and husband commented that bebe looked like an alien, with those weird eye sockets staring out. But I thought it was cute). She measured her neck and spine and arms, and looked at the bloodflow of her heart– and commented that it all looked really good. Both kidneys were there, and liver, and her stomach was measured. And then she went down to the legs, and the feet, and measured there– and said that looked good, and then said the words I’ve been waiting for “it’s a girl!”

Girl Scan


I literally almost started crying. I was so happy. Husband kissed me on the forehead and we were both really happy at that moment. He’s been calling her a her for weeks now, and so have I, but I felt so guarded– finding out for sure it was a “she” was the sweetest news. Tech went back to measuring– we got to see a foot, and both of the hands (with 5 fingers each!) and the liver and kidney again. She measured my placenta, and amniotic fluid, and cervix length. I haven’t read the report yet but my doctor said the cervix looked good and she was happy.

At the appointment, I was really tickled that my doc wanted to see our pictures from the U/S. She is so awesome. I love her. We talked about the vomiting and nausea (at this point I accept it’s par for the course), and the swelling I’m getting. She is happy with the water consumption I’m getting, didn’t get onto my about my weight (believe me, I was a little scared about that– hah) and we talked about when I was getting cramping after standing up for a long time or working.

I also talked about having a doula (she supports it) and about possible induction. I told her my fears (I have to be back  to work on August 23, a mere month after due date) and she said based on my measurements and if my cervix was cooperative she may induce as early as 38 weeks. So, it’s good to know that we have that option if we need to explore that, though I am hoping we can do everything naturally.

That’s the scoop on the anatomy scan! I get back the final bloodwork from the Ultrascreen (for spinal bifida) in the next few days and will post anything pressing about the scan from the report, but right now i’m just enjoying our little girl and loving this happy time!



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