Second Trimester

Registering. It’s hard!

SO, i did it! It’s done (well, mostly). I registered.  And I feel pretty dang accomplished as a result, because it was a seriously hard task.

I thought I’d write up my experience in case you were also struggling or you know someone struggling. As a first time mom, I really felt overwhelmed by the process and all the choices, and in sharing my process, I am hoping i can help others.

Part One: Selecting Registry Venues

There’s a lot of options out there, but the big players seem to be Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon. I initially thought I’d go the Target route, because hey, who doesn’t register via Target– but the problem became that Target didn’t have really all that I wanted to register for. It was missing some products. I didn’t want to go the Babies R Us route because there’s not one centrally located for my in-town shower guests and I don’t really like the store. So, I decided that Amazon and Pottery Barn Kids

What I like About Amazon: Anyone can access it; tons of reviews of products that you can actually use; you don’t have to go to a physical shop; you can find something on there and buy it at Target or Walmart or Wherever.

What I like about Pottery Barn: It pretty much is my “pretties” list. Not for essentials but for sweet things to make babies’ life all the more pretty.

Part Two: Registry Essentials Help

Now that i have venues, I needed to know what to get. Amazon thinks it’s helpful by giving you a really handy “registry checklist.” All the registry stores do this– my advice: ignore it. I built my registry off of a few online sources/lists: : The website says it all. Broken into categories, with pretty much everything you need. I registered for EVERYTHING I needed, because i was going to go back and buy stuff i didn’t get at the shower. : Great tips and Tricks for the registry, with must-have items and links to products — helpful in giving you lists on what you really need and the best products This was by far my favorite list. I used it to cross- reference everything I registered for

Part Three: What to put on the registry

I first created a master list of all the items I wanted to register for in a word document by catergory (i.e: “Diapers”) and then went to Amazon to read about different types and reviews. I would rate a product by:

1. Overall review/user enjoyment

2. Price (some products got kicked out because they were too much– like the Honest Co. Diapers. i wish I were a billionaire, but I’m not)

3. Ease of finding: Can my guests find this anywhere? Or just Amazon

After discussing it with the hubs, we decided to buy the crib, mattress, and changing table ourselves. Our biggest ticket items are the stroller (Britax B Agile), Glider Ottoman (From Pottery Barn Kids, which we will probably end up buying) and the Rug for the nursery floor.  We will probably end up getting the rug ourselves too, but to keep things organized, I registered for everything I needed– including items less than $5, so that my guests could feel like hey, we could buy her a bottle of dreft (which she needs) and that’s a great gift, because she registered for it. I have always felt really weird about registries, like I’m asking for money, so I wanted to be sure I wasn’t coming across as mega-greedy.

Part Four: Get Mom’s Advice

After I registered, I emailed my mom friends and asked if they saw anything they thought I should add, omit, or amend. There’s a cool feature in Amazon that lets you share your registry list, and I got some great insight from others that way, too. I got so many great tips from fellow moms, from brands to avoid to the best products or things that they thought I should do (like registering for multiple brands of diapers so that we could figure out what we liked best– great tip)

Part Five: Add Non- Amazon Items to your Baby Registry

Using Google Chrome, you can download the “add to Amazon Wish List” Extension where you can add anything that is not on Amazon to your wishlist– super cool right?

In all, I think I have a good list that will keep me organized and let me get all the things I need to get for baby, and help my shower guests know what I need. I don’t really expect for them to get me these things, I just more needed a great place to keep all of my “baby things” organized. Having the registry done is the best feeling, I feel like I just marked something huge off my list.

What registry tips do you have?

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