Second Trimester

Week 25: Baby Classes + Reaching Viability

Something odd happens after you hit 20 weeks. It’s like time speeds up and all the sudden everything is moving in a hyper-drive of life. It seems like yesterday I was dying to get to 12 weeks so that I could say “yay, we’re pregnant.” Then it was waiting for 20 weeks to see if we were having a little miss or a little gentleman. And now, well, I’m 25 weeks along, and last week we hit our V-date, or viability date, and I think I don’t have any “milestones” to await until, well, birth.

It feels strange not waiting to tick off some part of the calendar that assures me the pregnancy is going along according to plan. Our next visit is at 28 weeks, when I’ll have my gestational diabetes test scheduled, which is … not exciting. And I have my shower at a day before 31 weeks, and then it will just be 9 amazing weeks (or more, or less!) until we get to meet this little darling, and I can’t be more excited. But instead of time that seems to move slow as honey, it’s trucking along. Weeks blur by. It seems like Monday was yesterday, and soon enough it will be another one, and I guess I’m just surprised that this time in our lives together that is so special and so sacred and for us– once in a lifetime– is going to be over before we can blink.

Two nights ago, we had our first in a five week series of Birth Preparation class. We got to meet several other couples (including one we already knew, small world) all at different stages of their pregnancy. We had May mommas to August mommas, and it was so cool seeing their bellies at different shapes and to hear their stories of pregnancy. I’m so glad we decided to take this class (I literally signed up for every available class to take, because hey– you can only prepare for this one time in life, right?) and I’m excited to get to know more moms and dads in the same time of their lives over the next 5 weeks. Hopefully we can make some pregnant friends that can become little lady’s playmate afterward.

As for the rest of it– in pregnancy news, I have been getting really bad Braxton Hicks whenever I walk for more than 10 minutes or so, which has been interesting and a means for me to explore my pain management. They aren’t really what I’d call charming. Husband is going to (finally) start prepping the nursery tomorrow– he took the day off to get the room finished with drywall sanding and priming everything, so that means progress is FINALLY going to be made, and we can actually get to decorating her room– which is super exciting. And the baby shower invites are going out this week, another milestone. Yay.

I’ll update with nursery progress next week 🙂

One thought on “Week 25: Baby Classes + Reaching Viability

  1. I was just thinking today about how after 25 weeks, it’s really just down to the BIG count down of when the little one actually arrives! I have 2 more weeks until I’m 25 weeks, and there are times when I feel like everything is just going way too fast, and other times when I’m so impatient to meet the little one! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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