Second Trimester

Crib woes 2.0

So, you probably recall my crib post a few weeks back where I was being all whiny about my pottery barn crib and how perfect it was and blah blah. And I shared my tale of heartbreak and woe on how I waited a tad too long to pull the trigger on that sale dresser, and I lost it. These are important points to remember in this post.

Right after my crib post, and after doing a mega search at various and sundry local stores, including Baby’s R Us (BRU) and USA Baby, I went on a recc from a friend to costco’s website, where I found a solid wood crib with good reviews that included shipping and all conversion kits for less than $800 dollars. While I didn’t love this crib, I did like it a lot, and since the hubs and I set a nursery budget, this made things a lot easier for me to buy what I wanted in other areas. That same week, I found a combo dresser and changing table that was shabby chic and fabulous on Craigslist that I got for $400— way better deal than the $650 + I was considering spending. I weighed this crib in my mind for weeks, then finally decided that yes, we should get that one and the crib mattress from

I then proceeded to wait about 2 weeks– in part because its been busy at work and in part because this seemed like a huge decision and the nursery renovations had not even started yet, and I didn’t want to have w crib in a box waiting on a room to start. But once I started to realize that I was 6 1/2 months pregnant and that I needed to do this stuff now, I decided today was crib buying day. I had the cash saved to instantly pay off the card I intended to put it on (I like the miles points ok?!) and I was happy about the crib. It was a good deal. There was nothing wrong with it. I was ready. Here is the crib (actually at bottom of the post because my mobile uploader was acting wonky)

I popped online this morning to get ready to buy and what do I discover? The crib— the “Devon” in white— no longer is for sale. They have it in espresso and they have the white changing table, but they don’t have the crib.

It’s sold out. And they have carried it since 2011 and don’t plan on carrying it any longer. They added another crib to their collection (which you have to buy in a combo with a changing table) but I don’t like it. And I instantly flew into a depressed rage.

My husband, at first, reacted appropriately. He thought I was flipping out and acting like a spaz. This from the man who said “I haven’t noticed your crazy mood changes” At baby class last week. His lack of empathy made me more angry and frustrated. I had dropped the ball again. I was a terrible mother. I had found a great deal with good quality and I had squandered it. Squandered it away and now I have no crib and am back to zero. He did not understand.

I looked at him and said, “I don’t think you get how important this was to me. I have spent months agonizing over this decision.” I wanted to cry but didn’t. Everything I’ve picked out for her room literally blows my budget, from $500 bedding to $200 curtains and a $400 rug. I found a rocker for $500 that is a PBK knock off (regularly $800) that I was eying. All in all I was counting on that crib to keep me somewhat in check, because I know I’m ridiculous and I know I can’t get the $500 bedding or the $400 rug but the glimmer and hope of “deals” on items like the crib made it seem like anything was remotely possible.

A few minutes later, after my temper tantrum had subsided considerably, he apologizes and says he should be more understanding, and I know he’s just being nice but it is nice. And now I’m back to the drawing board, because the pottery barn kids crib is just too much after shipping and conversion kits—$1000 on a crib crosses the line. I am going to revisit all the crib places and attempt to adjust my expectations and just try to not be so over zealous.

Wish me luck.


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