Third Trimester

31 Weeks! Shower News, Baby Names, and third trimester stuff

Hello friends!

Sorry for the gap in published posts– I have been one busy bee with wedding season and trying to stay afloat in the third trimester. I’m not going to lie– every day after you hit 7 months is like a progression to misery. You wake up, you say “well, I don’t feel as great as I did yesterday,” and the day progresses and you say “this really kind of sucks!” and then the day come to a close and you say “wow, this is what misery is like,” and it gets a little worse every day. I think what hindered me is that it all the sudden got hot– like went from 65 degrees and cloudy to hot and humid and hanging around the 85 or up mark, and the heat and humidity plus my extra tonnage has made me feel super miserable.  I am swollen everywhere, it hurts to roll out of bed or rise from a seated position, my back hurts, there’s all this … discharge… and I am super emotional. It’s really charming. Plus, since I only have one week left in the 7th month I now feel the super pressure of GETTING READY FOR BABY. Birth, my friends, is totally eminent  I can no longer pretend I’m in this idyll of hanging out with my baby in my womb. Shit, as they say, is getting REAL.

When we went for our 28 week appt, everything was looking good, we were measuring along schedule, and I weighed in and fully realized I’d gained a startling 40 lbs since starting on this little pregnancy adventure. My OB didn’t seem that concerned. I passed the glucose test, and I really do look to be all baby– but I kind of thought, woah, maybe I should slow my weight roll and try to be cautious of that. The next three weeks that followed were high with activity– we had lots of weddings, work was stressful, and I had a trip to Las Vegas planned unexpectedly at 30 weeks. I figured I’d be walking a lot (I did). At 31 weeks I am happy to report that at today’s appointment I did not gain a pound– which made me feel way better.

I think it was all the walking that helped out– I walked pretty much non stop for days in Vegas, and the level of activity before that was high with work, and i think it burned a lot of calories. I would feel super great about this walking if it didn’t make me get really painful braxton hicks contractions– that pretty much make walking painful. I upped my water intake to 1 gallon a day to try to help offset the cramps. And then, at 30 weeks, 3 days, I ended up at the hospital with a scare after the baby wasn’t moving as much and i was having irregular contractions. The verdict: dehydration and too much activity. It was super scary. Being wheeled to Labor and Delivery and thinking… oh my gosh, what if she comes TODAY. She’s too little to come today! I know I asked for her to come early but not this early… lots of prayers happened. Lots of freaking out on my end happened. And in the end, everything ended up being ok…thank goodness.

As a result of all that drama,i’ve been charged with taking it a bit easier and not being on my feet as much. I can handle that, I think, but worry if I’m gonna balloon up. I got some swimsuits and so I’m going to try to go swimming this week and see if that helps. I’ve been planning to swim for weeks now, so that’s going to be fun if I actually manage to drag myself to the pool and make it happen. I spent two full days asleep, and now, 5 days later, I feel way better and a lot more alive. I keep thinking of things as countdown– five more weeks til I am pretty much work free (no more weddings at least), 4 more weddings on my calendar, and less than 10 weeks (hopefully) until birth. It is the final chapter. And that’s pretty much horrifying and terrifying and really, really, really, REAL.

In other news, we did officially decide on a name (I don’t think I posted that) but we have also officially decided not to share that name with anyone. It’s our top secret secret. We don’t want to know anyone’s opinion about it and we want the luxury of changing our minds if and when we want– but I will confess her name starts with the letter “E” and I can’t wait to tell the world when she arrives.

On Sunday, we had our shower– and I totally am stoked about sharing photos from that beautiful day– it was so incredible. My friend took photos so I am waiting on her to get them to me, and then I can share them all in pinky glory.  I will do a separate post on shower stories, because it was truly that special! Our color palette was the same as our nursery:

baby colors and shower inspirationAm

There was so much sweet pinky peach goodness. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the flowers:

shower flowers


I was super overwhelmed by the sweetness and the beauty, and spent pretty much the day in tears. That’s been another third trimester change– lots of crying.

Well, that’s my action packed post to span the past three weeks. More from me later 🙂



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