Third Trimester

34 Weeks. Lots of stuff

So, the past few weeks have been pretty eventful in pregnancy land. In my 31st week I was feeling really crummy and had no energy, was dizzy all the time, crashing into stuff when i drove– all in all, not grand. We had an OB appt and our regular OB was booked for the remaining of my pregnancy other than 1 date, and I had to see this guy that I was “reassigned” to without even consulting me. This guy wasn’t awesome. I didn’t like him, and neither did my husband. He just seemed really dismissive and told me I wasn’t “nearly ready to be miserable yet” when I was explaining the way I was feeling. I left the office feeling really discouraged and low.

I had a meeting with my Doula the next day and told her about my experience and she said that it wasn’t too late to change. I felt weird changing doctors so late in my pregnancy, but I was really feeling like something was wrong. So, i made the decision to switch from my OB practice to the Midwife practice that is attached to my hospital. I had a consultation, and during it they ran some bloodwork. I felt instantly more comfortable there. A few days later, I found out why I was feeling so crummy– I was pretty dang Anemic.

Now that I know more about what was wrong with me, I have been taking measures to feel better by supplementing my diet and taking some Iron pills. I feel better now– every day is a new adventure. Now that I’m 8.5 months pregnant, I have lots of aches and pains and general preggo ailments— it’s hard being pregnant in June. It’s so hot, and every step seems to take it all out of me. I am going to be so glad when this baby comes.

This morning, I woke up and noticed the baby had dropped some– I didn’t think she’d start dropping so early, and i thought maybe it was in my mind until my coworkers pointed out that they, too noticed that she was a bit lower! Now her hiccups feel very strange and she’s kicking me higher in the stomach. I wonder what this means…will she come early? Any bets?

I am going to post baby shower photos next week, I wanted to get out Thank you Cards first– I feel awful that it took me a month, but I got them done, darnit, and they are going out tomorrow!


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