New Mom Must Haves

New mom must have: the wonder weeks

So, let me confess that I have no idea what is going on with my kid most of the time. I mean, I know she’s adorable and she’s growing and everything like that, of course— but I don’t always know what is going on with her developmentally.

Early on, in a desperate google search trying to figure out what was up with my baby who had suddenly morphed into some other persons baby— I’m talking going from being so sweet I couldn’t barely believe she was real to being quarrelsome and unhappy… I found out about the Wonder Weeks.

The WW are directly correlative to growth spurts and are essentially developmental milestones. This handy book (or in my case, I phone app) tells you what to expect and what development is happening and when. It’s super helpful and way in tune to the reality of what you (and your baby) are experiencing.


The WW gives you a cool little chart on the app to follow that tells you where your wee baby child is at so you can know if it’s a stormy time (when your baby is in the midst of the leap and is fussy and sad and not sleeping or eating as well as she normally would) and then the sunny time, when all the elements of the leap are manifesting.


Check it out— I highly recommend the spendy price tag. It makes you feel slightly more informed. Because, let’s be honest— there’s really no good way to understand even 1/4 of what is going on when you first become a parent. It’s helpful to have any little bit of additional info to make you feel less in the dark.

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