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Mom tip: natural eczema and yeast infection cures

Our babe has some issues with eczema and with it getting nasty. Modern medicine wants you to use a cortisone cream to treat the eczema, and I’m not going to lie– before I had our babe I was all about quick fixes and over the counter cure. But now I want to keep her away from chemicals and anything that could potentially harm her. So I started looking into natural ways to treat common ailments.

Before she was born, we got the Honest Company sample pack that included the healing balm. This magical salve blends sunflower oil, coconut oil and other all natural ingredients to make an amazing multipurpose ointment that I feel good about using because it’s organic and there’s no chemicals ever. Check out the details here: https://www.honest.com/bath-and-body/healing-balm

When a patch beneath her chin (where the drool likes to hang out all day) got inflamed and then looked scabby, we had our pediatrician check it out. He said it looked like she had a bit of a yeast infection and to use some Monistat. I wanted an all natural solution, so I looked to my essential oils.

I paired the anti fungal melaleuca and the healing lavender with our honest balm and bam– her rash looks a million times better today!


Just one drop of each applied twice a day is having awesome results. You could use this combo on any open rash, and we use the honest balm with lavender on her eczema after every bath and went from a whole body problem to just a few patches in a matter of weeks!!

Pretty awesome. Have you ever tried essential oils to help with natural healing in your home? I would love to chat with other moms trying this out!

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