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Must Haves, Dos, and Don’ts: Baby’s first three-six months


So, no matter what you need to face the facts: your baby, your sweet little bundle of joy, was made to poop, And by poop, i mean explode feces everywhere. It becomes a fact of life you and your spouse will often laugh about as you wipe poop from everywhere. Emmaline’s car seat, swing, and anything that puts her in reclining position is affectionately known as her “poop chair.” Finding a diaper that helps contain the mess is a plus, but you have to go into it knowing that the poop can’t always be contained, and this is simply the nature of poop. You will soon understand and accept this, as it is the reality of your new life as parent.

AS a disclaimer, we did explore cloth diapering and decided it was too much for us to handle. So I have no reccs to that effect but can say if you do it, awesome. And we ultimately wanted a diaper that was more environmentally sound, but we got some from the hospital and as gifts, so we did try those out and that’s why we have a review about them.

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive: If I wasn’t wanting to be environmentally conscious, these would be my diapers of choice. We got them at the hospital. The pluses: 1) they have a leak indicator with a moisture band— yes. 2 )Even though they are sensitive, they smell nice.  They fit well and we had really few blow-outs.  The main reason we didn’t get these is because they are chalk full of chemicals and are really mega bad for the environment.

LUV’s : We  got a huge box of these which was an amazing gift from a friend. In one use, Emmaline broke out in a rash— so we didn’t use them again.

7th Generation: These are dye free, no chemical, etc etc diapers. They didn’t do a good job containing messes,  She was always pooping out of these guys, and even pee would leak. Not our favorite.

Honest Co.: We love Honest Co diapers. Even if they are spendy, they are made from all natural materials, are chemical free, great for our baby’s sensitive skin, and are better than regular disposables for the environment. Add to the mix that they have some cute styles and you have my favorite diaper.  We order the bundle and get them delivered once a month and I never have to worry about having diapers. They magically appear on my doorstep in cute styles.



Huggies “Natural Care”: These SUCK. They are kind of slimy and don’t do a good job cleaning up messes. Skip them.

Pamper’s Sensitive: We got these at the hospital and they are good at cleaning up messes, have a nice scent, and didn’t bother her skin. I like them

Honest Company: The first type of wipe we got we didn’t like, and then they changed the formulation to one with a pattern on it that made it so they were a little toothy and did a much better job cleaning. The only con: they don’t come out of the wipe container in individual sheets– you will get like a foot of sheets, which can blow in the middle of the night. But they are head to toe wipes (which you need, believe me) and we use them for lots of applications. Side note: 4 packs of wipes which come with the Honest co bundle are never enough, so we had to keep getting more wipes.

Make your own: We go through wipes like it’s going out of style, so we make our own. Recipe to follow in another blog post

PACIFIERS: Our kid isn’t really into pacifiers. Well, let me correct that, she doesn’t love pacifiers, but she does love her thumb, so I have that nightmare of her future messed up mouth to worry about– but at least she looks cute sucking on it.

Soothies: these are useless without the attached Wubba Nub, which you should just go ahead and get, mothers.  Please note: they are divided in age categories, so pay attention to that when buying your paci.

Nuk: Again, my child could care less, but if I could make her like one, I would think she would like this one the most.

Wubba Nub: These are cute little animals with a pacifier attached. They are adorable. She likes to suck on the eggs and not the actual pacifier, but if she’s happy I’m happy.



We tried lots of bottles– Avent, Medela Calma, evenflo, etc etc. and ended up going with the Tommy Tippee because they really do have a slow flow and seems more like breastfeeding. Plus, now that she’s six months old it’s adorable to watch her hold them.


Monkey from Target: theres this monkey from Target that my kid loves. Like, loves. You could try to pry it from her fingers but it would be no use, she is not letting you take the monkey. I don’t know if it’s a good teether or not, but she really seems to enjoy it, so that makes me happy at least.

Sophie the giraffe — This b!&%h is from France, so that’s why she costs $25. I think Sophie spends more time hurdling through space than in Emmaline’s mouth. She seems to like to watch it fly through the air.  As a teether: sure, she uses it as such, but she’s really expensive.  But let’s be honest, what isn’t?


Dr Boudreauxs Butt Paste— don’t let the name scare you. This stuff is great for rashes and creating a protective barrier for tender little fannies.

Honest Co. Healing Balm– This stuff is crack. We use it all the time for every type of skin issue (and I mix in some of our essential oils along with it). Emmaline has eczema so it helps having a nice thick salve.

Healing Balm

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