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DIY momma : lemon-lavender bath soak with essential oils

Once a week, I make a spa bath (complete with spa music and candles) with an Epsom salt soak I make at home that is super easy and pretty much magical.

The recipe includes Epsom salt and some essential oils. That’s it! It costs about $12 for 12 8 oz jars. I give them as gifts and let other people experience the goodness.

Here’s my recipe for a magical soak that will take away your aches and pains and leave you feeling refreshed and energized:

Epsom salts (12 cups = 12 8 oz mason jars)

I use these salts from the San Francisco Salt company from Amazon


I get out a stainless steel (or glass) bowl. Avoid plastics — the essential oils can damage those! I strap in the babe and we get to making our salt


I break up any clumps and then add 6 drops of doTERRA lemon



Mix that all into the salts (I use a stainless steel ladle), then do the same with lavender


Mix, mix, mix. This is a great combo for allergy sufferers (me, me) and for tired mommas that need a good invigorating soak.

Once well



Now, fill up jars with the soak. I use these cute quilted mason jars because I like to give them as gifts to my momma friends.

This recipe will make a case.


For gift giving, I wrap a little tag with bakers twine around them and voila! Done!


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