Update (or, the blog post helping me avoid responsibility)

So, I had all these goals of writing regularly, but then life decided to come in and mess all of that up. About a week into the semester, I accidentally cut my index finger on my right hand. The cut was so deep that I ended up needing surgery a week after that, and then had limited hand use for 4 weeks. This, I admit, was pretty tragic at first. I was in a lot of pain, it was awful not being able to use my hand, and I just generally struggled. I felt pretty sorry for myself. It was not a good time.

Then, I got sick. Like, really, really sick. I ended up in the emergency room with a 103.8 degree fever and feeling like I was dying. I had no idea what was wrong with me– and neither did the doctors. After a lot of back and forth and many, many tests, we discovered that i had a very nasty case of recurring mono/epstein barr virus (EBV). I have been sick for about 7 weeks.

I’ll admit that having EBV and a bum finger did NOT make for the best start of my first semester back in graduate school. It’s been a challenge in an already challenging environment. But, I’m adapting, and I’m getting better, and I’m feeling like maybe– just maybe– I can handle this. Check in with me in a few weeks to see if that’s really the case, but for right now– I feel like maybe I’ll survive this crazy season.

At the present moment, I have two big papers due on the horizon, a looming comprehensive Exam in my literature class, multiple weddings and work events, and just general craziness. I need to go work on those things, but hey, writing this works too, right?

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