4.19.15: Endings Blog on Justified

For me, part of the challenge of regular writing is that I always want to stop and edit, to correct in nitpicky fashion every thing that I am writing and saying, and that just results in me not ever pushing “publish”. This week I have set the goal to post at a least three entires– more if I can, to talk about the work and research that I’m doing for my end of semester projects.

One of those assignments I am working on is in my Narratology course, where we are contributing to a class-blog set up for the study of endings. This is a broad concept as an ending can be almost anything– the end of an episode of television, a book, a poem, et cetera. I am working on an entry for the series ender of Justified.  Here’s some of the resources that I am using for the blog post:

Entertainment Weekly’s interview with Walton Groggins (Boyd Crowder)


6 Reasons We’ll Miss Justified from the Huffington Post:


Screen Rant Review:


EW.com Recap of “The Promise”



Go here to read the post when it’s done http://narrativeendings.blogspot.com/

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