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That successful “First Draft!” done feeling

I just finished the first not totally awful draft of my American Literature paper, which, through a series of ups and downs ended up being about publisher influence and authorial choices in the 1850s abolitionist paper The National Era and Putnam’s Monthly Magazine. I looked at Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Melville’s “Benito Cereno” and I feel pretty alright about the final product. It hits right at 20 pages and 5000 words, and while I know I need to go in and do a lot of clean up and work on strengthening my conclusion (right now, it kind of just ENDS), I feel really good about what I said, so I hope it makes some sense to the reader.

I have the remaining 3,000 words on my Narratology essay to write– thankfully, I feel in a good place for that and will devote the next two days when I’m not working my day job to transcribing notes and the things I have written on scraps of paper. I thought I would save what i was most passionate about writing for last, in hopes it may help the process– but now I feel like I’ve run out of time, my brain is mush, and I don’t feel wholly confident that this plan was the most wise.

Either way, I was taking a break from thinking about my papers and thought I would write a blog post where I could think about my papers. How genius is that?

When the semester is all over I’ll do two separate posts on some interesting information I discovered in my research in case you are interested in either of these areas of study.

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