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Arts and Crafts Day: Pennant Flags

To celebrate our fun little vow renewal, I wanted to add some personalized touches that would show off our unique style and have some fun. So, I made some pennant flags on sticks for some photos. They are pretty easy to make, so here’s how you can do it too. Inspiration idea: I didn’t really… Continue reading Arts and Crafts Day: Pennant Flags

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Fitness Life: 21 days in and some real talk for ladies

Hi there! If you’re following my fitness journey, I figured you may want an update. You might want to know if I’m still, you know, doing my workouts. And guess what– I AM. I’m working out daily, and eating healthy foods, and drinking water like a boss. It’s really weird and I don’t know how… Continue reading Fitness Life: 21 days in and some real talk for ladies

Married life · Ridiculousness

Vow renewal:You should do this

I think that it was something I said during our wedding planning process, or maybe it was right after we had gotten married when we were all alive with the blissful feeling of being newlyweds. I’d said:”I think we should come back here every five years and celebrate with a vow renewal.” It was really romantic… Continue reading Vow renewal:You should do this