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Migration Post: Our Wedding, First Look

Originally posted on 3/13/12 on my floral design blog

Because photos were *so* important to us, we took a lot of time to take them. We started photography early in the day to be sure we got a lot of pre-wedding portraits, both of ourselves + our entire guest list. Since we planned our wedding ceremony at sunset, we knew that left us with a slight amount of light in civil twilight to get any remaining photos done, so we made sure to work with our photographer, the amazing Sam Hassas, to insure that we got all the beautiful images that we wanted.

So…here are our pre-wedding portraits of just the two of us:

The beach outside of the Four Seasons Hualalai is really rocky, but there’s some gorgeous sand walkways (and very comfy loungers) that we chose for the first location for shooting post first-look

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

One of my favorite images– I just love the drama of this shot.

The lobby lounge at the hotel was epically beautiful. And they gave us free reign to shoot wherever (and however) we wanted.

I got Don cufflinks with a map of Kona inside of them as a gift and keepsake, it matched the pendant that I had made with the same map inside.

Don’s buttonhole (bouquet detail pics coming in a later post, I promise)

Another favorite 🙂

Next, I’ll share our formals…these are so never shown usually in most wedding recaps, but ours were so good I can’t NOT share them with you!

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