My Wedding

Migration Post: My original Ceremony Post

This post was originally posted in May, 2012 on my professional floral design blog.

And now, the Ceremony (AKA: the one where we cry a lot). We got married at a place called “Wedding Tree”– a point that overlooks the ocean and black magna rocks of Kona, Hawaii beneath a beautiful tree.  Each guest had a program, designed by the awesome Amber Housley of AH Designs utilizing the concepts from our invitation:

We had the most amazing musicians. Now I have to share a bit of truth here, when we were selecting music we wanted to do a mix of traditional Hawaiian tunes, but I wanted to walk down the aisle to “The Luckiest”– a special song between me and the Donald. I picked the billed “Hawaiian Duo” not knowing what they would sound like, and in my mind I kind of feared the worst, like they would be really cheesy and hawaiian. NOT SO. In fact, they were incredible. You can ask Ronelle, who took like seventy-nine photos of them at the ceremony (Way more than the ceremony pictures she too) because they were so awesome. They were Hawaiian Rock Gods. And when they played the Luckiest– which I had feared would cause me to laugh from the Ukele tones, I was floored. They actually sang it and I was completely overcome with emotions…

I just think this photo is cool of our fruit water station.

More program action! I included a history of our relationship, our readings, and the snippets from the songs we chose

All of our guests got to be barefoot (rockin, right?!)

And here I come down the aisle, already crying….

That’s my smiling and crying at the same time face 🙂

And now he is crying too. Let the ceremony of tears commence!!

We each wrote our own vows.


Clearly, very happy about being married, too 🙂

Yay, so happy. Our ceremony was perfect. On a side note, our original wedding date was supposed to be June 11, but our amazing photographer, Sam Hassas, had a wedding in CA on 6/12 and the travelling wouldn’t work out, especially for our proposed day after shoot. So we had to move our date to 6/10. I loved June 11 because it was our dating anniversary and I thought it was going to be so sweet to have that same anniversary. But, things are what they are, so we went ahead with 6/10: and let me tell you what, it was a beautiful day. It was sunny and perfect and had the most amazing Sunset. June 11 was cloudy and the sunset was dark, so I think that it all worked out perfectly, don’t you?


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