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Migration Post: The Wedding: Formals and Reception First Look

This post was originally posted on my professional Floral Blog in April, 2012.

Now, we come to the formals. We took about 40 minutes pre-ceremony to do all of the formal shots with our family + guests. One of the reasons we love, love, love our photographer is his incredible skill at posing. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Our serious, vogue-y group shot 

The smiling version (and yep, that’s ALL of our wedding party and ALL of our guests…heavenly!)

Lovely MOH Jess.

Me + Ronelle: Ronelle’s my right hand design gal at the studio. She’s awesome and i love her to pieces.

Me + the (then future) hubs 

We posed with Ronelle + Jason (Ronelle’s husband). I loved all the fun poses pre- wedding

Me + Don plus his dad and wife, Christine.

One of my faves of the day– I just thought it was too cute.

Rings on Lily Pads. I didn’t have my engagement ring for the wedding (it was being remade) but I think that our ring shots (more to come later) made up for the absence.

We got married...

17 Married!

Immediately following our ceremony, we decided to grab a few shots at sunset to soak up the amazingness a little bit longer. We ran up some lava rocks on a golf course to catch this amazing shot (and actually ruined a very nice lady’s put from the green, but she was nice enough to give us a pass since we’d just been married 🙂

So gorgeous. A Hawaii sunset is like none other

One of my favorite fun photos of the day 🙂

We got a chance to “first look” our reception area. Here’s a few of the “teaser” shots with full blow-by-blows to follow


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