PSA: don’t buy dresses from China 

So, a day early, my “custom” dress from China arrived. As a recap, this is the dress that was advertised:

Recall my anxieties about it’s length. Well.

The length was not an issue. The odd sewn in tiny breast cups posed a concern, sure. It kind of fit my hips and waist. The color: well, it’s obviously a tad more… Vibrant than what I had imagined.  

But, in the back…

As you can see, this dress will never, ever zip up. Never. Maybe if I am cut in half that could happen. I took it to a seamstress with the bright ideas that it could become this cool backless thing like this, because hey, this looks kind of cool.

After explaining to me I should never fall for what she termed “the China trick,” she told me how it would cost me far more than I was probably willing to spend to make this a wearable dress. She listed the issues. They sounded expensive.

“It will cost you more than you paid to send it back to China. Your best bet is to find someone that can fit in the top, and they can have the waist taken in” 

I told her i appreciated her honesty and sklunked away in shame, full of buyers remorse. I initiated a dispute with the manufacturer, but given the flaming on the Internet from other customers that have been burned (and I fully admit to not doing my due diligence before I bought this dress), I have no hopes of it being anything other than a representation of my collossal mistake.

Thank goodness the backup Calvary of dresses arrive tomorrow and Wednesday, or I would be in a total panic right now.

Stay tuned. 

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