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Fitness Life: 21 days in and some real talk for ladies

Hi there!

If you’re following my fitness journey, I figured you may want an update. You might want to know if I’m still, you know, doing my workouts. And guess what– I AM. I’m working out daily, and eating healthy foods, and drinking water like a boss. It’s really weird and I don’t know how I feel about it. I actually bought some work out clothes the other day, and I felt like some kind of strange fitness poseur.

I have lots of inspirational memes I look at to keep myself motivated when I feel low. I know that is so cheesy, but for serious, they keep me up when I’m about to fall off the wagon. Things like…



Struggle Builds Character

Remind me that this is a lifelong journey, not a two-second phase of my life. And I can DO THIS, guys. The truth of the matter is that I really do *love* the way it makes me feel. I don’t love doing it. I’m not there yet– but the after– when I’m feeling stronger and better, when I’m getting closer every day to touching my toes (which I have never done, ever) I recognize that this is something that is so, so worth it.

However, Ladies, I want to have some real talk right now: my period is about to happen, and working out feels like something that God put on earth to punish me for my sins.Since I’ve never really, you know, done this whole thing before, I’m kind of shocked by this. Yesterday afternoon, I got all motivated to do my workout, despite my feelings of exhaustion and strong desire for anything with a)chocolate or b) a heavy carb count. I tried to quell this by drinking a yummy Shakeology BEFORE my workout  and I started my Total Body Cardio Fix. By Windmills I was feeling taxed.  The second round of warm up jacks were like asking me to cut off my fingers.

I need this shirt I really need this shirt.

Anyway, so yeah, I was saying to myself and probably out loud, “this is so hard. Why is this so hard?”  It had been getting easier, and now I felt like I was swimming through sludge –as though I was actually doing the Surrenders in quicksand, like maybe I was going to die on this workout. I powered through, but after, I layed on the ground and looked at the ceiling and thought about just going to sleep. Usually, after a workout, I feel this positive surge of energy.

Not today.

FYI, want to know what a surrender is?

My friend Jessica sent me a snarky text asking if she could fit into my “whore dress from China” that she thinks is hideous, which makes me laugh a lot, because okay, fine, it’s pretty hideous in person, but on the internet it looked gorgeous, so suck it, Jessica. And it would look great dyed black and if you had really strange body proportions, like a super tiny chest and voluptuous birthing hips. Anyway, so she told me this whole pre-period not feeling like you can make it through working out is normal, which makes sense, because there are days pre-period that I’m not sure I can make it through life.

(Fun fact, I found this inspirational “Yoga for Period Cramps”! when I was looking for Something about how my period was trying to kill me that was blog appropriate )

yoga for period cramps.png

Like I want to get into ANY of these positions while I’m on my period. Trust me. I don’t. You don’t want me to.


Sooo…. have any of you experienced workout woes before you ride the red wave of death? Go ahead, tell me about them. Make me feel less alone.


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