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Late night musings 

There’s something lovely and awful about not being able to sleep. I don’t want to call it “insomnia,” for that seems chronic and awful and something more than my brain-wheels turning and my body aching from doing my daily workout on full tilt.

I am getting better every day, which is great, but also brings a new kind of soreness that comes from doing the workout correctly, doing the moves without modifications, adding in an extra rep. In my challenge group, I talked about my NSV— non-scale victory– and that it was I can solidly fit into a size 12. This is such a huge milestone for me.

I should be elated because I’ve come down a lot since size 20. My body has changed so much– I sometimes catch myself in the mirror and think to myself, wow– I look so different now!

Before… I was a size 20, 241 lbs, I had no energy, I thought I could achieve all of my goals with just diet alone… (Or wishful thinking, or a magic pill, or thinking about doing something about my weight).

Here is where I am today:

21 day Fixing it up! I’m 194 in these photos: way more energy, feeling so much better about myself! I have at least 40-50 more pounds to go to reach my goal weight. I used to feel hopeless. Now, I feel like I can actually do this.

I took these photos on June 12, and I’m really excited to take them on Saturday just to see what difference I see in that time span. I’m not perfect. I have less than great days, days where I want to dial it in— but I’m going to do the work.

And now, for bed.

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