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Arts and Crafts Day: Pennant Flags

To celebrate our fun little vow renewal, I wanted to add some personalized touches that would show off our unique style and have some fun. So, I made some pennant flags on sticks for some photos. They are pretty easy to make, so here’s how you can do it too.

Inspiration idea:

still his mrs

I didn’t really want to take paper on a stick, that just didn’t seem wise to me, so I came up with the whole flag idea. I bought the canvas-y fabric pennants in a pack from Michaels, some dowel rods, and some cute gold stickers for the lettering:

IMG_7026.JPGStep one: put the dowel down on the pennant material, then line it with sticky glue dots. I used Oasis Brand Uglu glue dots, which will literally glue anything to anything.


Line your entire stick with those dots. Go crazy with it. Seriously. Then wrap the fabric around the glue dots pretty tightly.


You want to make a pretty solid bond here, so make sure you have it rolled snugly.


I pre-spaced all of my sticker lettering out on the flag before i stuck it down for the most wordy of the flag phrasing, because it would have kind of blown if I had run out of room…


And although it’s technically not *perfect* and that does drive me a tad bit insane (I waited until the last minute, Emmaline was refusing to nap and coming down every few seconds), I think it looks cute.

I added some paper rolled flowers to finish off the flag:


And to tie in the yellow coloring to these flags. I repeated the process for “Me too”


Side note: Joyce Chen Cooking shears are FABULOUS craft and floral scissors. They will cut off your finger, but they are AMAZING!


I’m happy with how they turned out. I think they are cute and will look precious on the beach. I’ll share our other project when we get back, because it has another element to it that makes it super special. This is an easy craft that anyone can do, and it took me maybe 20 minutes to do all of it, so it wasn’t difficult or challenging. If you were to applique the letters (which I probably would have done if I had more time) it would take more time, but I think that would look great. Even finding some letters that you could hot glue or iron transfer on would look SOO much cooler for this project.

Here are some more fun and easy wedding flag ideas for you:

Wedding Flag IDeas

All you have to do here is edge the fabric with some cute edging scissors and use a paint pen to write “YAY”! — easy, peasy!

Yay Hooray

If you have the skills with the penmanship, try this one out. White pennants from Michaels and your craftiest fabric pen can literally make art. Give yourself a lot of time for this one. I originally was going to do this and then realized that It was never going to happen on the timeline of my actual life.

Straw Flags

These only look hard. You just space out whatever you want to say on cute paper in a cute font and print it on your computer on both sides, cut it, and then you wrap it around the straw and secure with a glue dot (much faster than a stick) and cut cute edges. While this is truly adorable for a wedding, it’s something you need to do in batches because it takes a really long time.




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