New BuJo Series

I’m so excited to share that I am officially going to be launching a “How To Bullet Journal” series on January 2! I have been working on this awhile, and I can’t wait to actually get started and share my personal system for using the BuJo. Here’s a little teaser video I made:

As I mentioned in my planner post, I’ve been on a journey to find that “perfect” planner, and the Bullet Journal is that system for me. But, the basic BuJo system that Ryder Carroll developed isn’t what I use.  I’ve created a system that is big and small picture oriented, looking at goal setting, accountability, and personal reflection. It’s a way to have your calendar, to-do lists, mind maps and goals all in one place, a place where you can reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and a house for your dreams and desires.

I use the BuJo system as a tool in my classroom and as a survival aid as a PhD student– It’s something that I can’t live without. When I lost my BuJo this October in Colorado, I literally was devastated for a week before moving on and starting anew.  It’s a place where I go to think, to transcribe my thoughts and to reflect on what I’ve been doing well and what I can improve on. I think that you’ll find the BuJo system can be more than just an ordinary planner: it can become something that you are proud to work on each day.

But, it’s important to note that your journal is an investment: an investment of your time, your effort, your mindfulness– it’s about holding yourself accountable to yourself and no one else. Unlike pre-fab planners, you’ve got blank pages you have to fill in with dates. You have to make your own to-do lists, you have to think about what your calendar needs to hold. To some people that sounds like “work,” but let me tell you, there’s a beauty that comes from that labor. In creating your pages, creating your calendars and to-do lists, thinking about how you are going to map our your lives and your days, you become all the more purposeful and focused. You zero in on what matters most. And, for a lot of us, you have a lot of fun making your spreads and layouts!


 Don’t let all the fanciness deter you: You can be as fancy as you want to with the BUJO, you don’t have to get all crazy with it. I’m serious.  Tomorrow, I’ll post a supply list for those that want to join me. If you’re interested, please sign via Professional Website’s  contact form and indicate that you want more information about the Bullet Journal series. Thanks so much!


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