About the Yeagers


Hi! I’m Hillary

I started this blog while my husband and I were trying to conceive, and it morphed into our pregnancy journey and then our parenting journey. In our household, we strive to live a life that celebrates the creative, honors the Earth, and embraces family. We’re all about trying new things and exploring the world.

Outside of this blog, I’m starting a PhD program in English at MTSU; my husband works in Information Technology, and our daughter will one day be a space doctor (profession not exactly developed yet)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know us. We’re the Yeagers. We are a happy family and live a happy life.

3 thoughts on “About the Yeagers

  1. Hey! I haven’t even gotten through half of your blog but I just want to thank you for keeping up with it!! I have started one too but yours is the first one that has been consistent and let me tell you……..I feel so much better about my crazy antics right now lol. DH and I are also in our 7th cycle and also have gotten our BFP!! What’s even more cool is the day u got ur BFP is the day after we got married!! 🙂 found that kinda neat!! But yes I am a total 4 week crazy person. Tmrw AF is due and I am POAS at least twice a day!! We had a chemical in December so I’m extra paranoid! But my lines are looking good so phew! Anyways…thank again for confirming my “crazy”!! Hope you are well! Looking forward to more posts!!

  2. Hey – I have been following your blog as my friend is pregnant and we were able to relate a lot to your experiences! I am just worried – you haven’t posted since the birth and I hope everything is alright?


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