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Our vow renewal (and why you should do one, seriously)

We celebrated our vow renewal this past June and recently got our photos.  I shared them on social media because they are lovely and I like them, why not? Since we didn’t make a big deal out of our renewal, I invariably started getting the question “so why did you have a vow renewal?” Or “y’all… Continue reading Our vow renewal (and why you should do one, seriously)

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Congratulations, you didn’t die! 

Let’s make it official, dear readers.  I have officially worked out every day and stuck to my diet every day (other than Friday when I had a few cocktails, but they were logged and accounted for, thank you very much), for a week. I know that this probably seems like nothing, but after a sad… Continue reading Congratulations, you didn’t die! 

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Week one: starting a workout from scratch 

Making the decision to put your body– one lumpy and bumpy and not at all accustomed to being moved in any manner other than from one nice cushy surface to another, was a scary one. But if you recall, I posted a long time ago about struggling with my weight. Over the past year, through… Continue reading Week one: starting a workout from scratch 

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keep collective

Keep collective is a line of pretty and fabulous customizable keepsakes, and you should check it out (honestly). I’d love to introduce you to the product. Check out my Facebook page or my business page: The Life and Times of Hillary Yeager If you’d like to learn more, I would love to share why… Continue reading keep collective